My sister (about 10 years old) and I (about 6 years old) stood in the front of the counter at the little West End Grocery Store. She had a dime; I had a nickel. That meant she could buy two treats, and me only one.

I looked over the treat possibilities trying to decide which would taste the best. Then I looked over at my sister, and she had a frosty bottle of pop in one hand and a minty ice cream one in the other hand. She’d take a slurp from her pop, and then a slick from her cone. Back and forth slick, slurp …

Well, I with my nickel had to decide which I wanted most the slick or the slurp. The “slick” won. It was great for a while; she’d do her “slick-slurp” while I did my “slick”; another “slick-slurp” to my “slick”.

The muscles tightened; the free fist clenched. Though I was not prone to hissy fits, I did have a meltdown that day.

I turned to my dad crying “Ice cream AND pop tasted just as good to me as it did to HER!”

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I left the store slicking my cone in one hand and slurping my pop from the other.

Genevieve Jeppesen Mielke has lived in Worthington for 90-plus years. This article is written to be included with memoirs of other family reunion members.