Hospice Cottage fundraiser cancelled for 2020

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WORTHINGTON — The Sunset Hospice Cottage Board of Directors announced Tuesday that it has cancelled its annual fundraiser for this year.

The event had originally been postponed from April 4 to Oct. 24. It will pick up again as usual on April 10, 2021.

“While many projections suggest that the COVID-19 pandemic will be much lower in October, it will likely still be active at some level and it is clear that those most impacted by the disease are our more seasoned generations,” the announcement from the board said. “While our fundraiser attracts people of all ages, the majority of the attendees are of the same generation of those at higher risk.”

The board’s announcement also referenced a number of other COVID-19 related factors that it felt would detract from the typically fun nature of the event, and added that “most importantly, we are more concerned about the community than ourselves” while clarifying that missing one fundraiser doesn’t put the facility’s future at risk.

“At this important time as people have lost jobs, seen their business and investments


impacted, it feels disingenuous to ask the community for money when they may need it more than us,” the board’s announcement said.

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