KTD medallion found on first day

King Turkey Day Board of Directors Treasurer Ryan Loomans (from left) presents Chamber Checks to medallion hunt winners Lucas and Kate Flynn. (Ryan McGaughey/The Globe)

WORTHINGTON — A pair of Worthington youngsters — with a little help from their mom — were the first to find the King Turkey Day medallion this week,

Lucas Flynn, 8, and Kate Flynn, 5, were proud to collect their shared $100 in Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce Chamber Bucks on Tuesday afternoon. They located the medallion on Monday afternoon in the Bedford Industries-funded amphitheater located across the street from Ludlow Park.

“It had been taped to a park bench, but because of the rain it fell down,” Lucas explained.

The kids and their mom, Heather Flynn, had read the first clue in the annual medallion hunt on Monday and decided to go looking right away. Given the inclusion of the word “music,” the first guesses for location were the amphitheater and Chautauqua Park.

They opted to check out the first site first, and were rewarded.


“My mom was looking by the lake area and I was looking by the trees and the bench,” Lucas said. At first, he thought the tape he found was “just a piece of garbage,” but his mom “flipped it over and it was the medallion.”

The siblings both said they’d looked for the King Turkey Day medallion before, but this is their first successful find. Lucas and Kate weren’t yet sure what they were going to do with their winnings, but they’re still looking forward to the weekend — and count the KTD parade as their favorite part of the festival.

The youngsters also hope to see the Great Gobbler Gallop for the first time this year. So, what are the kids supposed to yell when it’s race time?
“Go Paycheck,” Lucas replied.

Here are each of the five clues prepared for this year’s medallion hunt:

Clue 1: Leading up to King Turkey Day, There's a game we like to play. A medallion hunt for everyone. Solve the clues and be the one! This year's theme is a celebration of love and peace across the nation. Setting music's firm foundation generation to generation.

Clue 2: From days of yore and present too, you'll find there's just so much to do. To play and watch and see and view. The old, the young and then the new.

Clue 3: Where sounds and laughter float on air, lovely notes beyond compare. So close nearby, but hidden where? A place to settle and to share.

Clue 4: The world's a stage and there's one here. Look 'round and then you'll find me near. Maybe not part of the tier, but sitting close enough to hear.


Clue 5: In memory of a loved one gone, to see the day or watch the dawn. To Worthington they did bequeath, sit and then look underneath.

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