Divided We Fall – We need to stand behind and support and vote for endorsed candidates and an existing legislator

Abe Lincoln once said “A house divided against itself cannot stand---” and much more, at another serious time in our country. This area of the state of Minnesota has some choices to make in the Primary and Special Election on August 9. There are races that will pick those that will be on the November ballot and also our congressman till the general election to replace the passing of Jim Hagedorn. Brad Finstad is the endorsed Republican and has legislative experience and backing and needs to win the primary and special election. This will give him seniority in the congress when the November race is also won by him. Jim Schultz is the endorsed candidate for attorney general. I think we know who his Democratic opponent would be in the November race. Vote for Jim in the primary now to continue his momentum building efforts.

Another previous president helped make the reality of reversing a decision called “Roe vs Wade” by getting true constitutional judges in the Supreme court to review what is or is not in the constitution. These issues now go to the states. Endorsed 21B house candidate Marg Fogelman could have issues related to this now at the state level. Her pro life platform and defense of family means she needs your vote on August 9 primary also. State Senator Bill Weber is now going to represent more of the state and his prolife stance and experience and leader ship deserve your vote on the primary ballot so he is on the ballot in November.

Please get out and make an informed vote in the primary and special election. This is another time that the correct elected leaders can get us thru till we can once again can all feel united. Please Vote August 9
Richard Koch
Jackson, Minn.