Paid political letter: Erin Schutte:  A fresh voice for School Board

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I am writing in support of Erin Schutte for Worthington District 518 School Board. I’ve known Erin since she was a student in my 1st grade classroom in Central Elementary. Erin and her husband chose to return to her hometown after an exemplary collegiate education at Yale University. She has proven to be a fresh young voice in our community as a lawyer, entrepreneur, business owner and active participant in church and community organizations. I believe she will be a true advocate with a knowledgeable vision for education that will benefit the diversity of all of our students and teachers in District 518. Please join me in voting for Erin Schutte for School Board on Tuesday, November 8th.

Denise Schlichte
Retired Teacher ISD 518
Worthington, Minn.