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Northwest Minnesota woman pregnant with second set of twins

Twins Braxton and Auvianna will soon have two little sisters. WDAZ-TV photo1 / 2
After getting pregnant with a second set of twins, Kelsey Husler said "I’m done after this." 2 / 2

MOORHEAD—Most would agree that Kelsey Husler has her hands full at home with toddlers Braxton and Auvianna.

But Husler described the twins, born in 2014, as pretty self-sufficient during a recent interview at their home.

"These two are pretty good for the most part," she said.

Husler still remembers the day she learned she was having twins.

"They were like, 'Both heartbeats look good, everything looks fine,' and I was like, 'You said both...wait a second, you said both,' and she said, 'Yeah, there's two,'" Husler said.

Husler's family will soon gain two more.

"This is crazy," she said. "Who has two sets of twins?"

She is due in about three weeks.

When asked how she felt about having a twins again, Husler said she was "shocked. Twins don't run even run in my family."

According to her doctor, Husler is taking it all in stride.

"She seemed unphased by it, she said, 'I've done this before,'" said Dr. Mary Holm with Essentia Health.

Doctors say Kelsey's back-to-back pregnancies carrying twins are very rare, especially given her age. She's just 24.

"Twins itself is about 3 percent of births in the U.S. But to have twins back-to-back like this is very unusual," Holm said.

While the news was much easier to take this time, Husler says carrying the baby girls has been much harder.

"The first time was really easy, I didn't have the back aches, didn't have the preterm contractions, I didn't swell up. These two were a breeze. These girls—a complete 180 flip," she said.

Husler says this will be her last set of double trouble.

"I'm done after this. I'm not having anymore. The risk of another set of twins is enough to say, 'no more," Husler said.

The girls will be named Kennadie Faith and Gracelyn Kay.