WINDOM — Officer Ryan Hillesheim of the Windom Police Department received a Lifesaving Award from the Windom City Council Tuesday night in recognition of his actions that saved the life of a local child.

Assistant Police Chief Cory Hillesheim explained that around 3 a.m. Jan. 28, Officer Hillesheim was on patrol when he heard on the scanner a dispatcher send an ambulance to a Windom home for an 18-month-old who was possibly having a seizure.

Hillesheim was close by and decided to respond, the assistant chief said. When he arrived on the scene, the child was not breathing, and his face was turning blue from lack of oxygen. Hillesheim performed CPR, and the child began to breathe again.

The assistant chief added that Hillesheim remained on the scene until the ambulance arrived, at which point he personally carried the child into the rig to receive treatment from emergency medical personnel.

"Officer Hillesheim's training and quick thinking ... helped save the life of the child," Cory Hillesheim said, adding, "To this date, the child has recovered and is back home."

The child, Hudson Back, and his mother, Cassidy Back, attended Tuesday's city council meeting to watch Hillesheim receive his award.

Hillesheim began his service with Windom PD just last year.