WORTHINGTON - Amanda Walljasper-Tate has owned Schafer’s Health and Gifts since purchasing the business from longtime owner, the late Irma Schafer, in 2008. 

Since then, the store inventory has expanded to include everything from vintage items to jewelry, clothing and home decor.

In 2010, Walljasper-Tate opened a second health food store in Storm Lake, Iowa, after the town’s store closed, and named it The Daily Apple.

After much discussion and consideration, Walljasper-Tate decided to take the plunge and officially rename her Worthington enterprise The Daily Apple as well. A grand opening celebration to commemorate the event will occur all day Tuesday, with free apples - fittingly - being given away while supplies last.

“When we were naming the other (Storm Lake) store, we spent a lot of time thinking about names, and when we chose ‘The Daily Apple,’ we knew we really liked the name and would eventually use it at both places,” Walljasper-Tate explained.

While the new name may seem like a sharp departure from the shop’s longtime moniker, it serves to further emphasize the store’s main focuses.

“The Daily Apple name is more all-inclusive, now that we have expanded as a store and have a large array of items, and it also helps to pique interest,” said Walljasper-Tate of the reasons behind the name change. “We are not just a health food store, and I think the new name will help us reach those who may not know everything we have to offer.

“I knew I would know when the time was right (to change the name), and it felt right.”

The name may be changing, but the business’ central focus will remain constant.

“We want people to know that vitamins, health food and healthy eating are still at the core of our store,” Walljasper-Tate said. “Vitamins and supplements are where my passions lie, and I love to talk about healthy eating and help people take care of their bodies.”

There is no shifting of ownership involved in the name change, and the biggest change Worthingtonians will notice is the new, three-dimensional Daily Apple sign crafted locally by Behrends Signworks that will grace the building.

“We are so excited to be here in Worthington, and we hope that all who have supported us continue to support us as The Daily Apple as we continue to grow,” Walljasper-Tate said.

Two stores may be plenty of physical growth, but an expansion project of another sort is in the offing for The Daily Apple.

“In the very near future, we are going to be launching an online clothing boutique,” Walljasper-Tate said. “We have clothes in the store, but we want to target those who like to shop online, and we will ship anywhere in the U.S.”

Through it all, bringing the best possible service and products to the Worthington and Storm Lake areas is important.

“We want to focus on the two (stores) that we have, try to run those well, continue to be competitive and last long into the future,” Walljasper-Tate said. “There is an extended legacy and history with the Schafer family, and we want to keep that going for a long, long time.”