By Greg Laden, Coon Rapids

In the July 24 editorial “State auditor race offers intrigue, the Daily Globe noted that Matt Entenza, who is running in the DFL primary against sitting Auditor Rebecca Otto, “grew up in Worthington.” This claim is not true and should be corrected in Worthington’s paper of record.

Matt Entenza was born in California. His family moved to Worthington where Entenza went to high school for three, maybe four, years. He then moved out of the state for a year of college, then to Saint Paul to finish his degree. He then moved to England, then back to the Twin Cities where he got his law degree and has lived since. (This is all documented in Wikipedia and other sources.) I’m sure Entenza’s high school years in the beautiful city of Worthington were the best years of his life, but it simply isn’t correct for him, or the Daily Globe, to suggest that he grew up there.

Perhaps more important is Entenza’s claim that being a native of “Out State Minnesota,” makes him more qualified to be auditor. One could say it is a bit paternalistic to suggest that “Out Staters,” a questionable term in and of itself, will prefer one of their own over someone who is, simply, qualified for the job regardless of where they grew up. Given that Entenza’s claim repeated by the Daily Globe is inaccurate, one might further wonder if the best auditor is the candidate who seems to have altered his resume.

Otto has dozens of endorsements, including many from county DFL organizations from around the state, various unions, first responder, veteran and farmer groups. Entenza has four endorsements, three from unions and one from Keith Ellison, the Congressman representing the Urban Core of Minnesota.

Both candidates moved to Midwest as teenagers after having grown up in California, both went to the same college in St. Paul, and for the most part the two DFLers running in the primary share similar records and positions. The difference is that Matt Entenza is claiming to be something he is not, in an effort to take a job as the person who makes sure everyone else is properly dotting their i’s and crossing their t’s. Another difference, of course, is that Otto has done an excellent job as auditor, a fact recognized nationally.