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Letter: It's time to dissolve HLWD

Jackson County Commissioner David Henkels has done a good job in researching and notifying his constituents of the intent of the HLWD to raise their taxes any time that they feel they should have some more money to spend.

There is only one point do I differ with Mr. Henkels on, and that is that the HLWD is not close to being labeled a non-implementing entity. It is and always has been a non-implementing entity. It has never done anything but put itself in line for public funds and then used them to add staff and do studies and never act on the finding of the studies.

The HLWD deserves to be dissolved. The sooner the people of the watershed can get a petition signed to do just that, the better. I hope the other counties in the district join with Jackson County in the non-support of the HLWD and get the ball rolling. This farce has gone on long enough.