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Letter: Time for our legislators to get to work

Representatives Doug Magnus and Rod Hamilton have had several letters printed in the Daily Globe during this legislative session. Their letters criticized the governor's budget proposal and the House budget proposal. I don't recall them mentioning the Senate budget proposal, but given its similarity to the House proposal, they are probably opposed to that, too. I can't recall the two men offering any solutions, compromises or positive words. Just complaints about their fellow legislators, and to a lesser degree the governor.

It is easy to take potshots when other people are doing all the work, and especially when you cherry-pick your topics. Yes, agriculture and veterans' programs are targeted for cuts, but so is every other state program. Minnesota is in a fiscal crisis, partially caused by the current recession, but mostly due to poor fiscal planning. Minnesota has become a state of perpetual budget deficits. Representatives Magnus and Hamilton, this problem developed and was allowed to get worse on your watch. You owe your constituents more than throwing partisan lobs at plans developed by others. You owe the people of your district options and positive solutions.

The editor of the Globe said in a recent column on this page that it is time for legislators to stop the partisan games and get to work. I agree; it is past time. Representative Magnus and Hamilton, please stop the bickering and get to work. You can start campaigning for 2010 after this session is over.