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Letter: We're all capable of heavy lifting

How often do you lift each week? Three times, maybe five. Do you spend one hour to three hours lifting?

I know an older lady who lifts every day of the week, numerous times each day. You would not know it by looking at her, but I would call her a power lifter. She goes not only for strength, but also for endurance.

She is not a member of the "Y" or any other club, so you may be wondering where she does her lifting. She does it every time she talks to someone, because this lady is a lifter of spirit and of joy. She makes it a personal mission to lift those around her that are down and trapped in the muddy pits of life. She tosses words of hope and encouragement around as if they weigh nothing. She lifts those who have fallen with the strength of her smile. She can make the sun shine in the life of someone who has a dark rain cloud hanging over their life.

I asked her about her lifting and how she does it. She told me it is easy and that everyone can do it. All you need to do is be kind to others and care more about them then you do yourself.

You may know this lady. Her name is Pat Samo.