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REGATTA: Tinder Box to present unique mixture of folk, bluegrass and blues

WORTHINGTON — Each year, a variety of musical styles can be heard from the Sailboard Beach stage during the Windsurfing Regatta and Unvarnished Music Festival.

The Tinder Box, a Sioux Falls, S.D.-based trio, will offer their own mixture of musical genres when they perform at 6 p.m. Saturday. Despite its proximity to Worthington, the group will be making its Regatta debut.

Members of The Tinder Box are Chad Konrad (vocals, guitar, harmonica, piano, tambourine), Jon Wallner (vocals, trumpet) and Dominic Osterloh (banjo, guitar).

“Our music can be described as somewhat of a mix of folk, bluegrass and blues, but we really do try and create as unique of a sound as we possibly can,” an email from the band explained. “Overall, we all have similar musical influences, and all of our personal influences cover a large spectrum of musical genres and playing styles.

“Each of us does bring a different musical element into the band through how we internalize our influences through our roles in the band. Sometimes one of us will add a darker element to a song through a part, while during the same song another member might be playing more of a positive and upbeat part. Our music really is a collaborative effort, as we don’t want to discount or discredit anything that anyone of us can add to a song.”

The Tinder Box will mark four years together at the end of the summer. The group writes and performs a substantial amount of original material, and has a large catalog of songs it has written.

“Some of (the songs) have been recorded, but a large majority remain works in progress until we decide they will fit on our next album,” the band explained in the email. “However, sometimes when we play live, we like to play covers. We usually save these for the more “bar-esque” shows where people just want to have a rowdy good time listening to songs they already know.”

The band has released three EPs thus far — “These Winds (2011), “Who’s To Till This Land” (2012) and “The Attic Sessions: Volume I” (2014). It plans to continue recording music and traveling around the region to perform.

“We are currently deciding on what songs we want on our next album, but we do plan to start another album by the end of 2014,” said the band’s email. “As a band, we want to continue to play shows and record albums.”

One of those shows, of course, will be in Worthington, a gig secured through a contact from Liz Martin from the festival’s music committee.

“We have never played in Worthington, but we are excited for the opportunity. We love playing in Minnesota, and we always have a receptive audience when we play in Minnesota that helps keeps us going as musicians.”

For more information, visit The Tinder Box on Facebook at

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