WORTHINGTON -- The sign and lettering were being placed Thursday morning at the new Goodwill store on Ryan's Road.

According to Chief Operations Officer Vilay Keokenchanh, the store is anticipated to be open in about a month.

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"We're hoping for a July 25 grand opening," he said Thursday while standing inside the nearly completed building. "That's what we're shooting for, but I hear you guys have been getting torrential rains down here and we still need to get our parking lot poured and all that good stuff."

The plan is to finish the concrete soon -- assuming the weather holds.

"I believe the concrete people will be here next week and we can get a good portion of it done," Keokenchanh said. "The building is beautiful and awesome."

The outside of the building is brown and tan tones -- something new for the Goodwill stores.

Inside, the retail portion of the building is 6,500 square feet and will have space for at least 125 racks and three dressing rooms.

"We'll have products being shipped in at first and hopefully, as the community catches on, the store will be self-sustaining with local donations," Keokenchanh said.

The store has hired both part- and full-time employees. The total number of workers at the store will be 18 or 19.

"What's cool, Worthington is pretty diverse," Keokenchanh said. "I believe our workforce is going to be pretty diverse."

Along with space for retail, the front will have a connection center with space for three computers that will be open to public use.

The back of the building will have bays for donations, including a drive-up location.

"It's just like Starbucks," Keokenchanh said. "You drive up, we have donation attendants out there, and we'll take them out of your car or trunk so you don't even have to get out of your car."

Once there is a notice of occupancy, the store can begin to take donations.

"We are hoping to get occupancy next week," Keokenchanh said.