Rep. Jim Hagedorn's May 22 letter in The Globe stating "Medicare for All becomes Medicare for None" contained false and misleading statements. As registered nurses in CD1, we feel a responsibility to present correct information.

Every resident of the U.S. would be eligible for coverage under this health plan. The Secretary of Health and Human Services would define who qualifies as a "resident" and recipient. Services covered include primary care, emergency care, mental health care, addiction treatment, prescription drugs, medical devices, dental and vision services and long-term care. Hospitals, clinics, doctors and other health care providers would contract directly with a single payer, not multiple insurance companies, eliminating the "middle man" costs, pre-authorization, co-pays and deductibles, denials of care, and excessive premiums. Costs would therefore be less — and there is a plan for the transition to different occupations for employees of the insurance industry. Freedom to choose providers is protected.

Decisions about health care are between patient and health care provider, not for-profit insurance companies, through which CEOs earn up to $16 million annually. The VA is socialized medicine because the government owns and manages the VA. Medicare for All, or single-payer healthcare, is NOT socialism because our government will not own the health care facilities. Health care insurance for all is morally and financially justifiable. Health care is a human right.