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Katie Pinke


Katie Pinke, Agweek publisher and general manager, is evidence of rural America’s capabilities. From remote locations in rural North Dakota, she works as the publisher and general manager of Agweek. Katie and her team create a weekly magazine and regional television show that showcase agriculture “from field to fork” and investigate important issues for the farming and ranching community. The fifth-generation farm girl spent more than 12 years in marketing, then ventured out on her own as a communications consultant and event speaker. In addition to her Agweek duties, she remains a keynote speaker across North America. Katie and her husband have three children and own a small business. Outside of her work and family duties, Katie serves on the city council and volunteers for community organizations.

Katie’s weekly Agweek column takes on family, rural life, motherhood, career, community and more. Connect with her on her Pinke Post Facebook page or on Twitter or Instagram, where along with insightful takes on rural life and agriculture she shares the beauty of North Dakota, from sunrises to sunsets and ball games to barnyards.

At the root of rural America, at the core of modern agriculture and across both red and blue states, you’ll find faith-filled farmers and ranchers. Farmers harness the power of community, supporting one another in turbulent and joyous times.
Choose to fill at least a few empty spaces on your calendar with the golden joys of the season.
After many years of behind-the-scenes work in the district and community, Hope-Page started a new agriculture program and new FFA chapter during the 2020-21 school year. Now in its second year, it’s something for which the community and students can be thankful.
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Kevin and Stephanie Schmidt say their careers went from "turf to surf" after being raised on Minnesota farms and now owning and operating Sunrise Salmon, catching Alaskan salmon and distributing it primarily in Minnesota and the Dakotas.
Book the trip. Buy the tickets. Take it all in with your loved ones. Here’s to sharing more life, love and laughter.
Throughout this growing season, Katie Pinke has been "following" farmer Tom Metz. She explains what she learned from the experience and what everyone could learn by getting to know individual farmers.
Urban or rural, we’re similar in mental health suffering and stigmas. The difference is, those of us in non-urban areas need to overcome three additional challenges in areas of mental health.
Every small town and rural area needs community builders, those willing to step out in confidence to try a new idea and to encourage connection, business support and expand on what a small-town offers.
I can’t vent at the people who are working. They’re showing up and doing what they can, often working far more than a 40-hour week.