Office of Jackson County Drainage Coordi

Office of Jackson County Drainage Coordinator Jackson County Courthouse 405 4th Street, P.O. Box 226 Jackson, MN 56143 Telephone: (507) 847-2763 Fax: (507) 847-4718 E-mail: STATE OF MINNESOTA COUNTY OF JACKSON ORDER AND NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING ON REDETERMINATION OF BENEFITS BEFORE THE JOINT BOARD FOR JACKSON-NOBLES COUNTY, JUDICIAL DITCH 44 BEFORE THE DRAINAGE AUTHORITY OF JUDICIAL DITCH 44 OF JACKSON AND NOBLES COUNTIES In the matter of the Redetermination of Benefits of Judicial Ditch 44. NOTICE OF HEARING ON VIEWERS REPORTS Notice is hereby given, that a proceeding has been commenced by the Drainage Authority of Judicial Ditch 44 of Jackson and Nobles Counties, Minnesota, for the redetermination of benefits and damages and benefited areas and damaged areas of Judicial Ditch 44. That the proceeding is pending; That the viewers appointed herein have made and filed their report in the office of the Jackson County Auditor-Treasurer in Jackson Minnesota; and That the following is a brief description of the lands drained by Judicial Ditch 44 Jackson and Nobles County by its main tile, branches, various laterals, and tile systems. Said system drains all or part of the following townships: Jackson County, Alba Township - Sections 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9; and Nobles County, Hershey Township – Sections 1 & 12 AND THAT, THEREFORE, on February 23, 2022 AT 2:30 P.M. in the Jackson County Resource Center, 402 White Street (Door #7), Jackson, MN, the Drainage Authority of said system shall hear and consider said viewers’ report, and all the persons interested in the redetermination of benefits are invited to appear and be heard before the Drainage Authority, for and against the proposed redetermination of benefits with respect to any other matters in connection therewith. A copy of the viewers’ report can be examined at the office of the Jackson County Auditor, 405 4th St, Jackson, MN. Should you also have questions or concerns in regards to your viewer’s report that you would like answered before the hearing you are highly encouraged to contact the Jackson County Drainage Coordinator at 507-847-2763 Dated: January 24, 2022 Kevin Nordquist, Jackson County Auditor/Treasurer (Jan. 26; Feb. 2 & 9, 2022) 26024