REMAKEL FAMILY INVESTMENTS, LLC NOTICE TO UNKNOWN CREDITORS AND CLAIMANTS This serves as notice that Remakel Family Investments, LLC, a Minnesota limited liability company (the “Company’), has dissolved and is in process of winding up its business. A Statement of Dissolution was filed with the Minnesota Secretary of State on November 8, 2022. Any claims against the Company must be sent to the attention of: Monroe Moxness Berg PA, c/o Remakel Family Investments, LLC, 7760 France Avenue South, Suite 700, Minneapolis, MN 55435. Any claims against the company must include the following information: 1. Claimant’s contact name, address, phone number, and email address; 2. The amount of the claim; and 3. Evidence to support the claim. A claim against the Company will be barred unless an action to enforce the claim is commenced within five (5) years after the date of this published notice. REMAKEL FAMILY INVESTMENTS, LLC BY: /s/ Michael J. Remakel Its: Member (Nov. 16, 2022) 122020