REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONS MOBILE HYDRAULIC CONCERT STAGE June 27, 2022 The City of Worthington is requesting quotes to furnish and deliver a mobile hydraulic concert stage base specified by the following provisions. The City is a sales tax-exempt entity. These specifications are intended to provide a framework for vendors to submit quotations for equivalent 32-foot (long) x 24-foot (wide) fully hydraulic mobile platform concert stage with roof. The City is using the best value method to procure the vendor for the mobile stage unit. Durability, appearance, construction, cost and warranty will be criteria used in selection of the successful vendor. Quotations shall include detailed drawings, standard and optional features, delivery dates and other items identified as a submittal required with quotation. The successful vendor will be required to submit shop drawings for approval prior to delivery and acceptance. SELECTION AND IMPLEMENTATION SCHEDULE July 6, 2022 Issue RFQ July 27, 2022 Deadline for accepting quotation GENERAL INQUIRIES Inquiries may be directed to the contact agent noted in the RFQ who may also answer general questions in regard to desired performance or other objectives but will not provide specific approvals or grant exceptions to the requirements of this RFQ. DURATION OF OFFER All proposal quotations must indicate they are valid for a minimum of sixty (60) calendar days from the date of the proposal opening unless extended by mutual written agreement between the vendor and the City of Worthington. FORM OF QUOTATION The quotation must be delivered in a sealed envelope clearly stating “Quotation for Mobile Hydraulic Concert Stage”. The quotation must be delivered on or before 5:00 p.m. (Central Time) on July 22, 2022 to: Mindy Eggers City of Worthington P.O. Box 279 303 9th Street Worthington, MN 56187 Any proposed deviation or exceptions from the specifications must be identified. The City reserves the right to reject or accept any quotation based on the nature and significance of the stated deviation or exception. The form of quotation may be as chosen by the vendor. The quotation shall include the total price to furnish and deliver a complete Mobile Hydraulic Concert Stage system including all necessary appurtenances as specified herein and per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Quoter may include unit prices for any additional optional features. A statement that the vendor shall furnish and deliver the stage unit on the schedule stated in this request for quotations. A statement that the vendor understands that liquidated damages will be applied as specified herein. The quotation must be completed and signed in the firm’s name or corporate name of the vendor, and must be fully and properly executed and signed in blue or black ink by an authorized representative of the vendor. The quotation may not include limits of liability statements. PROPOSAL REJECTION AND WAIVER OF INFORMALITIES This RFQ does not obligate the City to award the quotation or complete the proposed project and the City of Worthington reserves the right to cancel this RFQ if it is considered to be in its best interest. INSURANCE The Contractor agrees to hold harmless, indemnify and defend the Owner from all loss and damage, including damage to person or property, arising from any act by, or negligence of, Contractor or its subcontractors or the officers, agents, or employees of either while engaged in the performance of this contract, or while in or about the building or premises, or arising from accident or any injury not caused by act of Owner, its agents or servants, or anyone employed by Owner, other than this Contractor, to any contractor or officer, agent, or employee of a subcontractor while engaged in or about the performance of this contract, or while in or about Owner’s premises, or arising from liens or claims for services rendered or labor or materials furnished in or for the performance of this contract. The Contractor and each subcontractor shall secure and maintain such insurance policies as will protect that Contractor or subcontractor and unless otherwise specified, the Owner, from claims for bodily injuries, death or property damage, which may arise from operations under this contract whether such operations be by the Contractor or subcontractor or anyone employed directly or indirectly by them. The Contractor or any subcontractor shall not commence work under this contract until the Contractor and each subcontractor has obtained all insurance required herein and such insurance has been approved by the City of Worthington. Insurance coverage shall be maintained throughout the life of this contract and for a period of two (2) years from the time of final acceptance of the improvement by the owner. The Contractor and each subcontractor shall deliver to the City of Worthington executed copies of all policies or a certificate of insurance. The Contractor’s policies and Certificate of Insurance shall contain a provision that coverage afforded under the policies meets or exceeds required by the State of Minnesota an shall not be cancelled without at least thirty (30) days advanced written notice to the City. GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS The vendor shall satisfy themselves to the conditions which may be encountered at the project delivery site. Delivery schedule shall be coordinated with the City contact agent. QUANTITIES A. The quotation shall include the total price to furnish and deliver a complete mobile hydraulic concert stage system including all necessary appurtenances as specified herein and per the manufacturer’s recommendations. B. Furnish a unit price for any additional options available. SUBMITTALS REQUIRED WITH QUOTATION A. Product Data: Quotations shall include a detailed description of the stage and other items identified as a submittal required with quotation. SUBMITTALS REQUIRED PRIOR TO MANUFATUREER APPROVAL A. Shop Drawings: Include plans, details, and attachments to other work. B. Maintenance Data: Maintenance manuals. C. Warranty: Sample of special warranty. QUALITY ASSURANCE A. Source Limitations: Obtain materials from single source from single manufacturer. B. Installation and Set-Up Conference: Conduct conference at the delivery site. WARRANTY A. Special Warranty: Manufacturer’s standard form in which manufacturer agrees to repair or replace components in materials or workmanship within specified warranty period. 1. Warranty Periods: Minimum of one year from date of delivery and acceptance. Longer warranty periods will be evaluated in the selection process. FEATURES Mobile hydraulic concert stage measuring approximately 32-feet in length and 24-feet in width. Retracted trailer shall be approximately 34-feet in length, 8.5-feet in width and 12- in height. A. Pivoted Retractable Gooseneck Hitch. Shall be capable of being pulled by a standard 1-ton or smaller vehicle. B. Full concert stage cover fiberglass roof molded to aluminum structure. Minimum of 15-foot clearance from stage floor to roof structural elements C. Retractable rigging system D. Gas motor generator E. Handrails F. Two sets of steps and handrails G. High Power Integrated Hydraulic System –Fully hydraulic set up of the stage, roof and outriggers with hand-held hydraulic controls H. Elevated soundwings, approximately 2,000 lbs. load rated I. Spare tire, J. Lateral support jacks K. Corner towers L. Toolbox with tools M. Hinge Gappers N. Tower shuttles O. Cargo Straps P. Outrigger Q. Pads R. Banner kit S. Mesh backdrop T. Solid front skirt U. Backup electric motor V. On location initial set-up and training Certifications: Certifications Stamped by Professional Engineers for use in all 50 states. Wind Load: 45 mph wind gust without wind-wall 35 mph wind gust with wind-wall SET-UP A. Vendor shall perform complete set-up and training on site at the Owner’s facility. ADJUSTING A. Verify that all components are performing properly. B. Repair minor imperfections to match factory finish. COMPLETION OF WORK All work shall be completed and delivered on or before March 1, 2023. Failure to complete work as specified may subject the Vendor to assessment of liquidated damages at the rate of $250.00 per calendar day with work uncompleted. An extension in contract time may be granted for the following reasons only if the Contractor submits a written request to the Facility Manager for the contract time extension at least one calendar day prior to the specific deadline. The written request must include adequate documentation to prove the existence of one or more of the following delays: (a) Delays caused by earthquake, tornado, or other cataclysmic phenomenon of a nature beyond the power of the Contractor to foresee and defend against. (b) Delays caused by acts of the government or a political subdivision or by acts of the public enemy, including fires, epidemics, and strikes not caused by improper acts or omissions of the Contractor. (c) Extraordinary delays in the delivery of materials, resulting from strikes, lockouts, freight embargoes, governmental acts, or sudden disaster, of a nature beyond the power of the Contractor or his supplier to foresee or forestall. PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE Option 1: A certified check, cash, or money order, in the sum of not less than five percent (5%) of the amount of the quote proposal, made payable to the City of Worthington, as a guarantee that the work will be performed as specified shall be submitted with the quote. The quoter understands that said performance guarantee shall be forfeited if all work is not undertaken as specified. Guarantees of the unsuccessful quoters will be returned within seven (7) days after formal award of the quote. Vendors submitting more than one quotation are to include a performance guarantee equal to 5% of the highest amount quoted. Option 2: In lieu of providing a certified check, cash, or money order as a quote and performance guarantee, the quoter may furnish a bid bond in the sum of not less than five percent (5%) of the quote proposal and, if awarded the quote, a performance bond for 100% of the quote amount, in conformity with Minnesota Statues, Section 574. INFORMATION CONTACT Questions regarding this RFQ need to be submitted through the Facility Manager as listed below. Name: Steve Robinson Telephone: 507.666.5012 Email: RESPONSE EVALUATION The following criteria and their identified weight will be used by the City of Worthington to evaluate the responses: 1. Cost (50%) 2. Construction durability and appearance (40%) 3. Warranty (10%) (July 6, 2022) 79467