Worthington ISD 518 CALL FOR BIDS The Bo

Worthington ISD 518 CALL FOR BIDS The Board of Education of Independent School District 518 requests bids for milk products for the school lunch program for the 2022-23 school year and 2023 summer school program. Please quote prices and terms on the following products: 8 ounce 1% White Milk 8 ounce White Fat Free Skim Milk 8 ounce Chocolate Fat Free Skim Milk 6 ounce LOL Yogurt- Low Fat and Fat Free (All Flavors) 5 pound Cottage Cheese 4% 5 pound Cottage Cheese 2% Land O Lakes Smart Snack compliant ice cream treats or like product, please provide documentation of smart snack compliance with bid: 3 ounce Chocolate Shortcake 2.5 ounce Creamy Cotton Candy 3 ounce Crumbled Cookie Cone 2.5 ounce Fudge Frenzy 2.75 ounce Polar Pole Rainbow 2.5 ounce Sour Swell Cherry 3 ounce Strawberry Shortcake 3.75 ounce Sour Cyclone Blue Raspberry 3 ounce Birthday Cake Cone Products to meet or exceed all requirements for Federal and State Child Nutrition Programs and delivered to each building as specified. Schools to be served will be: PRAIRIE ELEMENTARY, INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL, MIDDLE SCHOOL, HIGH SCHOOL, LEARNING CENTER, and WORTHINGTON CHRISTIAN. BIDS ARE TO BE RECEIVED BY Thursday, July 14, 2022, at I :00 PM at the District Administration Office, 1117 Marine Avenue, Worthington, MN 56187, for consideration at the Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, July 19, 2022. The Board reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids. INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT 518 WORTHINGTON, MIINNESOTA /s/ David Skog Director of Managements Services June 21, 2022 (June 29; July 6, 2022) 77707