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School Board Election

I write to endorse the candidacies of Lori Dudley and Rob Carstensen for seats on the District 518 School Board. I attended the Candidate Forum held at WHS on October 2nd and was heartened by the generally civil discussion of issues by the candidates. All of the candidates seem to realize that there are no easy answers to the questions asked that night and all seem to agree that a new building of some type is needed to address the growing numbers of students in the District.

I have known Lori Dudley and her family since they moved to Worthington. Lori is a very intelligent and thoughtful person who genuinely cares about children and their education. I do not know Rob Carstensen as well but I believe that he, too, would be a good Board member. The current Board has only one member who lives inside the City limits. While Rob is a City resident, his position as Controller at MN Soybean Processors will allow him to receive input from a large group of agriculture land owners.

Regardless of which candidates win seats this year, well have at least one new Board member. The members not up for re-election this year have served for many years. Ive been told by two of them that they do not plan to seek re-election next year. In my opinion, Loris experience will be very important to us over the next four years.

Please join me in voting for Lori Dudley and Rob Carstensen on November 6th.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.