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Hamilton's response to allegation is not enough

On Oct. 23, I had a face-to-face conversation with Rep. Rod Hamilton, my state representative for over a decade. It took place at the Chamber of Commerce candidates forum held in Worthington. I wanted to have a conversation with him because I was trying to understand the situation regarding the sexual harassment allegation that was filed against him this past April. I had questions. His constituents have questions. The general public has questions.

I spoke with the woman who filed the complaint against Representative Hamilton at the forum. I wanted to be able to hear both sides of the story and understand what my representative could have possibly been thinking the night he crossed the line. I wanted to hear from him what he will do from now on to keep any situations like the one in question from arising again. The victim agreed that I could ask these questions despite his actions affecting her so deeply even still.

I submitted my question for the forum and unfortunately, it wasnt drawn during the allotted time period. Afterwards, when we had a chance to speak with the candidates, I approached Rep. Hamilton with my questions and concerns. Summed up, his response was, "Leave it to the professionals." His response to my concern (which is shared with numerous Minnesotans) regarding the inaction and lack of communication about a sexual assault allegation against an elected official and representative of the people was simply, "Leave it to the professionals."

That is not enough.

It has been six months since the alleged assault took place. Six months since the police report was filed. Six months of trauma the victim has endured. Six months of inactivity and pure apathy in regards to the allegations.

Rep. Rod Hamilton took advantage of the vulnerability of a young woman. How long are we going to let people who abuse their power in such a way lead our communities? A man who abuses his power in such a way and continues to seek re-election frankly, is no representative of mine. That is not the District 22B I know.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.