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Referendum about community strength

When considering the upcoming District 518 School bond referendum, most people looking at my familys situation would assume that I am a vocal supporter because I have kids that will be "reaping the benefits" of having merely adequate space in which to learn.

I'm going to share the real reasons behind my support of this measure. It is about building a strong community. It is about every board or organization I have ever served on or donated time to help. It is about every over-priced food item I bought from each child selling from door to door to support their organization. It is about running for school board before I was married or had any children.

It's because I believe in the importance of basic education for EVERY child in our community no matter whether they come from a fifth-generation farmer or a new immigrant to our country. It's because of the sacrifice the generation before me made for my education. It's because I subscribe to the principle to love your neighbor as you do yourself ... to me this means do what you can to build a strong community.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.