A leak in your roof can be an expensive problem to have. Leaks can cause expensive water damage to your home, and can also result in mold that might spike allergies in more sensitive people. If you want to prevent a leak in your roof, there are some ways you can prolong the life of your roof and prevent leaks.



Check your chimney or any skylights as they are a common source of leakage. Since they are quite literally openings in your roof, they are prone to letting in some leaks. Try to go up there with a flashlight and see if there are any openings that need to be sealed. You will also want to inspect carefully for any tiny holes, like ones from nails, or openings between the flashing and any other gaps in your roofing. To close up these holes, you can use a knife and some putty. If you have caulk or any other adhesive, that could be good as well as it can prevent water from getting into your roof again.


The Drip Edge

This metal flashing is responsible for directing water away from your roofing, but it might also be the cause of your leakage. You could be making your home vulnerable to wood rot, insects, and leaks. Be sure to inspect your flashing carefully. These leaks may be hard to find, so you may want to call an inspector to come in and check it out for you. These professionals are trained to find these leaks, and they will know exactly where to look. You will want to get any problems here repaired as soon as you spot one.


Step Flashing

All flashing on your roof should be checked, including your step flashing. Checking the condition of your step flashing will ensure that it is still functioning in the way that you want it to. You will save a ton of money in the long run with these inspections, as your step flashing is installed as protection for your roof. You may also want to call a professional to repair this for you, as it will save you more money than fixing the damages that would happen if you left it.


Check Your Attic

It isn't just your roof that may be leaking. Make sure to take a look in your attic as well since it can also be a cause for leakage. Many people will overlook the attic when it may very well be the culprit. You will want to go into your attic and check for mold, poor ventilation, clogged vents, soaked insulation, algae on plywood, rusty nails, and clean gutters.



The gutters can be easy to forget since they direct water from your roof, but they can also have faults that might be causing a leak. If your roof's drainage system is not working properly, you want to get this fixed as well.


Regular Maintenance

It’s important to invest in a company that you trust for regular maintenance. Just like you'd maintain your car, your roof needs to be checked and repaired every once in a while too if you expect to avoid expensive fixes in the long run.


If you need an emergency roof repair, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.