Trojan News: Esports gaming team now at WHS

WORTHINGTON ― Esports is a new gaming club at Worthington High School and offers students an opportunity to interact virtually using a program called Discord to interact with each other.

The gaming club started growing mid-September with an announcement on the Schoology page by facilitator Patrick Mahoney. The announcement to the students stated that they were now able to join something they enjoyed. During the same time period, the coaches set up a meeting with the students on the team to discuss future plans and how they will use Discord to communicate with each other virtually due to the pandemic.

Head coach Mr. Diaz had more to say on that topic, saying, “We have made our own Discord called Worthington Esports Trojans.”

Esports is a team-based sport where all the team members can create a team to compete against other students in the games they enjoy playing. The Esports team will help students specialize in a sport that they like and help them find out their passion.

Mahoney believes that the school needed this because it’s an inclusive sport.


“Some of our athletes have reached out saying they have some medical issues, and they really want to be a part of a team, but they have had a hard time participating due to their physical limitations,” he said. “When we talk about Esports, it evens out the playing field allowing more people to participate, and I think that’s really important.”

This sport also allows people to qualify for college scholarships for doing something the students enjoy.

Michael Bustamante, a sophomore, is one of the many students who have joined the team.

He said, “I was actually very, very hyped about it. It’s something people do in their daily lives, so I was pretty excited.”

Some of the games the students are currently competing in are CSGO, Rocket League and Super Smash Bros. The best way to join the team is by contacting Mr. Mahoney, Mr Diaz, or Mr. Morales. They will stay in contact with the students and provide information and instructions about the team and how to join their official Worthington Esports Trojans Discord.

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