LAKE SHETEK — Campers at Shetek Lutheran Ministries (SLM) this past summer gave donations totaling $775 to Camp Love’s Embrace (CLE).

Every summer, campers at SLM are encouraged to share an offering to support other ministries. Through their generosity over the years, campers have donated over $27,500 to Christian organizations.

Camp Love's Embrace is an annual camp hosted at SLM. It's an overnight children's grief camp for children ages 7-14 who have experienced the death of a parent, sibling, grandparent, best friend or other person of significance in their lives. In May 2003, the first Camp Love's Embrace took place at the Lakota Retreat Center on Lake Shetek. Now an annual event, the camp is free to any child who attends, as it continues to be funded by the contributions of individuals, churches, businesses and corporations.

The 18th annual camp is scheduled for April 24-26 at the Lakota Retreat Center at SLM.. More information is available at