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Apple or Scalpel: Thursday event will focus on lifestyle/disease connection

WORTHINGTON — Proper nutrition and exercise is the essential key to a healthy, longer life.

While many people understand this, in today’s world of endless new weight loss programs and “fixes,” it’s gotten far too complicated, Amanda DeYounge argues.

Next Thursday, Dr. David Phillips will invite the Worthington-area community to adopt a more basic and healthier lifestyle during his free, hour-long health discussion, “Apple or Scalpel?”, at Phileo’s Coffee and Eatery, 212 10th St., Worthington. Phileo’s full menu will be available from 5 to 7 p.m., at which point Phillips will then begin sharing his research and experience about the lifestyle/disease connection and the important role of proper nutrition and exercise.

“Instead of these quick-fix, yo-yo weight loss kicks, we want to surround people with the basics,” said DeYonge, who is organizing the Juice Plus-sponsored event. “How are we going to empower them to walk out of that talk Thursday night with some simple habits they can implement that night? Sometimes, one habit is the catalyst to a healthy lifestyle.”   

DeYounge said Phillips will focus on the importance of whole-food nutrition, which includes an abundance of fruits and vegetables. He’ll also discuss why proper diet or exercise is not sufficient without the other.

A 1984 Harvard University graduate, Phillips received his medical degree from Wright State University School of Medicine in Dayton, Ohio. He began practicing as an emergency physician, and later shifted his focus to sports medicine. An All-American swimmer, Phillips has competed in national and international triathlons and qualified as a member of Team USA at the 2008 International Triathlon union World Championships in Vancouver, Canada.

DeYounge said she is enthused that Phillips — who has spoken in front of large audiences — is coming to Worthington.

“Whether he’s sitting down with one person or 10,000, you can tell he’s so passionate about helping,” DeYounge said.

DeYounge said Thursday’s event is for everybody, regardless of their current lifestyle or ability. Phillips will provide tips and solutions for each attendant, whether they are focused on a healthy lifestyle to preventative or reactive purposes, and whether they want to lose weight or are are concerned about proper nutrition for their children, she added.  

While she noted that the topic is often a heavy one, she added that Phillips keeps it light-hearted, and attendants should come prepared to laugh and relax.

“You’ll feel refreshed by coming,” DeYounge said. “We were never meant to do health alone. We want to make the overwhelming practical and doable for people.”

For additional information, contact DeYonge at 218-205-1923.