WORTHINGTON - Going back to her teen years in 4-H, Katie Hansen has always enjoyed interior decorating.


That’s why Hansen is thrilled to have her own business - and her dream job - as the owner and sole employee at Revive Interiors. So far, her personal and professional plans have both been working out well.


“I started this back in 2014, right before we (her and husband Neil) started our family,” she said. “I kind of started it slowly, but in the last couple of years I’ve been picking it up.”


Hansen didn’t travel far from home to achieve her success. She grew up on a farm just outside Worthington, graduated from Worthington High School and then attended Minnesota West Community and Technical College. She worked at Veterinary Medical Center for several years, eventually getting married and opting to launch her business before starting to have kids (the couple has three daughters, with the oldest age 3½) shortly afterward.


“I grew up in 4-H and was always in the home environment project,” she explained. “My mom is where I get my knack from. As a kid I started redoing furniture pieces to bring to the fair. The last few years we would choose a room in our house to repaint and decorate, so I got a taste for that.”


Shortly after graduating from college, she purchased a small fixer-upper home in town and started reshaping its interior. That encouraged her to take a new step forward as a business owner.


“That’s that’s the first time I could let my imagination run wild and do whatever I wanted to with the space without having to ask for anyone’s approval,” Hansen said of her own home. “I would share pictures of those projects with friends and family, and started getting questions on decorating and that kind of thing, which was when I realized there was a need for that around here.”


Hansen thought at that time that starting her own enterprise was a “far-off dream,” but within a few years was up and running as a small businesswoman. She began with a series of small decorating projects, but has now expanded into designing kitchens and baths as well as working with contractors on any remodels and home builds. Though she is Revive Interiors’ sole employee, she’s able to connect her clients with other contractors if needed.


Working out of a home office near Lakefield, most of Hansen’s clients are in the direction of Worthington, “since that’s where I’m from and know the most people.” When first starting a project, she always gives the customer a questionnaire.


“That gives me an idea of the client’s project goals, styles and preferences, budget and so forth,” Hansen said. “Each project is tailored to each client’s wishes. I follow their lead on how much or how little they want my help with, which makes each project unique.”


“My primary focus is to end up with a space that reflects the client, not necessarily just what’s trending,” she continued. “I especially want to make sure the space is functional. You can have a pretty house, but if it doesn’t function properly, it’s no good.”


After receiving the questionnaire, Hansen will meet with her client and discuss the scope of the project while taking measurements, pictures and collecting more information, Then, at home, she’ll utilize a CAD (Computer Aided Design) program that will create a realistic and virtual walk-through of the potential design, allowing the client to see “what it will like before any of the work actually happens.” She’ll also assemble a design board that involves choosing specific products for the project so the client can see how everything works together.


Revive Interiors has been involved with both home and small commercial projects, with Hansen counting Worthington’s Phileo’s Coffee & Eatery, Salon Seven, Kustom Threadz Embroidery and Ignite Studio among her past clients.


“With the commercial spaces, I really focus on making sure business owners are selecting the branding and impression they want to give their customers,” she said.


In addition to her work with residences and small businesses, Hansen is in the midst of going back to school to earn her interior design degree. Her future plans include eventually opening a showroom, as well as hosting decorating/design classes and workshops. She also plans to continue spending time on social media sharing design tips, and she also publishes an e-newsletter.


“A lot of people follow me for inspiration, if nothing else,” she said. “I really enjoy empowering others to make their home a place they love, whether I’m part of the process or not.”


Hansen pointed out that the scope of her projects can be “as small as shopping for curtains or a rug, or involved in every step of the way through a remodel or a new build.” Most importantly, she’ll meet whatever the need is.


“This job fits me to a T,” Hansen said. “I love connecting with people, I have a creative brain and enjoy creating the big picture down to the little details, so I love to channel that in the projects that I work with, and I still have the flexibility to be able to be a mom and set my own hours. I just love everything that comes with being an entrepreneur and being able to take my business wherever I want to take it.


“I am so grateful for my past, current and future clients for supporting my business, and I’m excited to see where my designs take me going forward.”


For more about Revive Interiors, phone Hansen at 360-0658, email katie@revivedecorating.com or visit revivedecorate.com.