Birth Announcement

Richard and Alissa Schrider, Alexandria, VA, are the parents to

Ardys Jacobson 80th Birthday

Ardys Jacobson will celebrate her 80th birthday on October 16th.

Keninger 50th anniversary

The family of Vince and Lois Keninger will host an

65 years ago and today

65TH ANNIVERSARY: Leo and Marian Ollendick, Worthington, will celebrate their

Harberts 80th birthday

Lois Harberts, Rushmore, will celebrate her 80th birthday on Oct.

Bartholomaus  90th birthday

The family of Vi Bartholomaus invites all friends and family

Thank You

To my family and friends: Thank you so much for

Wieneke 50th anniversary

Ray and Shirley Wieneke will be celebrating 50 years of

Lais 50th anniversary

Tom and Celia Lais are celebrating their 50th anniversary. They


Greg and Cindy DeGroot, Worthington, MN, are pleased to announce

Henderson 99th birthday

Irma Henderson, Worthington, will celebrate her 99th birthday on Oct.

Lorenzen 80th birthday

Don Lorenzen, Wilmont, will celebrate his 80th birthday with an

95th Birthday Card Shower for Ethel Ossefoort

Ethel is celebrating her 95th birthday on September 28. Please

Gene and Ilene Becker

Thank you friends of Gene and Ilene Becker of Pengilly

‘Braking News’

Ray and Audrey Brake, Wilmont, will celebrate their 50th wedding