Murray County Historical Society awarded inventory grant

The $7,600 grant will fund preservation of large maps, blueprints and other items.

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SLAYTON — The Murray County Historical Society was awarded a $7,600 grant by the Minnesota Historical Society through the Minnesota Historical and Cultural Heritage Grant Program. Items such as the original blueprints for the Great Oasis drainage project of 1913 and for the Dinehart Holt House, an artist’s rendition for a courthouse that was never built but designed in the 1960s, and a collection of maps rolled into cardboard tubes that are at risk of deteriorating will be able to be preserved with the funds.

The grants are made possible by the Legacy Amendment’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. The Legacy Amendment supports efforts to preserve Minnesota land, water and legacy, including Minnesota history and cultural heritage.

The Murray County Historical Society, who owns the collection, will independently hire Rose Moudry, part time site coordinator and collections manager of the Murray County Museum, to inventory and rehouse all oversized documents in the collection. This work is in addition to the work she regularly performs.

There are approximately 460 to 480 oversized documents including blueprints, maps, posters, and panoramic photos. The goal of the project is to properly inventory all the documents to have a more complete understanding of the intellectual property of the historical society and to rehouse the documents in archival quality boxes for better preservation.

For more information about this project and others, contact the museum at 507-836-6533 or

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