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Windom man charged with assault and terroristic threats

WINDOM -- A Windom man who was sentenced to six years in prison for burglary and drug sales in 2002 is now facing felony charges of assault and terroristic threats.

Authorities were informed Monday that Bradley Scott Junker, 33, had allegedly threatened to kill man, a woman and her daughter. The caller said Junker had destroyed a man's belongings and broken into his bus.

An officer drove past the residence Junker where was reportedly staying, which is where the bus was also parked. She saw the bus and noted the windshield was cracked.

She spoke with the bus owner at the law enforcement center and was told he and Junker were working together doing scrap jobs. The man said he had been away from his bus earlier that day, and when he returned in the early afternoon he found Junker outside destroying his belongings. He said the bus had been broken into, the padlock was missing and the windows and door were broken open.

Junker allegedly told the victim he was going to scrap all of his belongings, ordering him to pick up a weapon and fight or "hit the road." The man said Junker was swinging a piece of iron around.

An air conditioner, air compressor, numerous tools and other items were destroyed, but the victim did not want to fight, so he left. As he left, Junker allegedly told the man if he called the cops he and his family would be put in the ground.

The victim said he was concerned about a liquid oxygen tank he had rented. Junker allegedly stated he would dump the tank over, which could cause an explosion. Junker allegedly said he knew of the danger of explosion but did not care.

A short time later, authorities located Junker at the address where both men resided. Junker was outside and told the police he was cleaning up because the victim was a packrat and threw things all over. When asked about the bus, Junker said it belonged to a different person and that some of the windows were broken before. He said he didn't know how the damage to the bus had occurred.

He said he was upset because he and the man were supposed to do a job that day, but the man had taken off. He denied making any threats, but admitted the two had exchanged words.

The officer noted the bus had six spider web glass breaks in the door and windshield, with an iron bar still wedged in the windshield from being hit. The padlock that was supposed to be on the door of the bus was missing, the latch had been pried open and broken, and belongings had been strewn about inside the bus.

An overwhelming glue smell inside the bus forced the officer to leave after only a few minutes.