PIPESTONE -- A Jasper man may have hidden methamphetamine or meth paraphernalia in his truck while his 10-year-old son sat nearby, according to the criminal complaint filed recently in Pipestone County District Court.

Chad Aaron Miller, 32, was stopped shortly before 5 p.m. on Feb. 10.

He had been observed allegedly passing other vehicles as a high rate of speed in a no passing zone, and the law enforcement officer who saw him, an agent with the Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force, knew Miller had an active warrant out of Olmsted County.

Because of the child, Miller was allowed to stay in his vehicle until the child's mother could arrive to pick him up.

While waiting for her arrival, the agent returned to his squad car to run Miller's information through dispatch.

As the agent was sitting in his car, he noticed Miller allegedly digging in his center console and possibly removing something from his pocket.

The agent approached the driver's door with a Pipestone County deputy and had him observe Miller until the child's mother arrived.

Afterward, Miller was removed from the truck, handcuffed and placed in a squad car to be transported to the Pipestone County Sheriff's Office.

The agent searched the front seat of the truck and noticed a paper towel sticking out of the console. Inside the center console, wrapped in a paper towel, the agent found a glass meth pipe. After finding the pipe, the agent stopped the search until a warrant could be obtained.

The vehicle was towed to the evidence garage, a warrant was executed, and a baggie containing .7 grams of meth was found between the driver's seat and the middle seat. During an interview, Miller allegedly admitted to smoking meth earlier that day. He then became argumentative and the interview was stopped.

He is charged with fifth-degree controlled substance possession and committing a meth-related crime in the proximity of a child.

Bail was set at $5,000, and an order was granted for a public defender. Miller is scheduled to make a court appearance next week.