32 grams of meth allegedly found on Windom woman during traffic stop

Kirsten Crowell is charged with second-degree drug possession for allegedly having more than 25 grams of methamphetamine.

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Crowell Kirsten Lynn

WINDOM — Kirsten Lynn Crowell, 28, of Windom, is charged in Cottonwood County Fifth District Court with felony second-degree drug possession after allegedly being found with more than 25 grams of methamphetamine.

On Dec. 17, a member of the Minnesota State Patrol observed a vehicle while patrolling along Fourth Avenue in Windom. After running the license plate, the vehicle came back as registered to Crowell, who had a revoked driver's license in Minnesota.

During the traffic stop, the trooper approached the passenger side of the vehicle and informed the driver of the reason for the stop. The trooper also observed the “guts” of cigarettes throughout the vehicle, along with a torch lighter.

The driver identified herself as Crowell, and allegedly stated she knew her license was revoked. The trooper asked for her insurance and, according to the report, Crowell stated she did not have proof of insurance and did not know if the vehicle was insured. The trooper noticed Crowell had two prior convictions for no insurance on her record and one more outstanding with State Patrol in 2021.

The trooper asked Crowell to exit the vehicle, at which point the trooper reportedly detected an odor consistent with marijuana emanating from the vehicle. The trooper confirmed Crowell could not provide proof of insurance and asked her about the odor of marijuana. Crowell denied she had been using marijuana, but allegedly reported using drugs recently.


Since the vehicle was in the middle of an alleyway, uninsured, and without a valid driver, the trooper called for a tow truck and told Crowell an inventory search would be performed on her car.

While inventorying belongings from outside the vehicle, the trooper observed more tobacco shakes throughout and a second torch lighter. The trooper opened the car and observed a Gabapentin pill, which is a schedule IV controlled substance, in the door handle. The trooper also reportedly observed an open bottle of alcohol sticking out of a purse. Also in the purse was a substance consistent with methamphetamine. The substance was weighed at the jail, and amounted to 32.5 grams. The substance was tested and came back positive for methamphetamine.

If convicted, Crowell faces a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison and/or a $500,000 fine for the second degree drug possession charge.

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