WORTHINGTON - A trio of juniors in the Worthington High School FFA are bound for the National FFA Convention in late October after taking first place at the Minnesota FFA Convention earlier this week in the market plan competition.

Katie Rogers, Morgan LeBrun and Josh Majerus bested nine other teams from across the state to earn the trip to compete at nationals.

Last year, Rogers and LeBrun assisted the Market Plan team of John Martin and Miranda LeBrun to a second-place finish at the state contest. This year, the girls teamed up with Majerus to tweak and expand on the same basic plan.

The plan focused on Lake Okabena’s Beach Nook, located at the Centennial Park beach. They created a PowerPoint presentation explaining expansion plans for the Beach Nook and developed newspaper advertising, business cards and fliers - all projects that would promote the Beach Nook and increase revenues for the business.

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“Our plan was to add paddle boats and stand-up paddleboards to the Beach Nook for rental,” shared LeBrun of their project. “By adding these, we would generate more money through the rentals ... and by having more people come to the Beach Nook we projected a five percent increase in food and beverage sales.”

Having the experience of sitting in on last year’s state contest and taking notes, LeBrun said they improved upon several areas of the plan and knew what to expect going into this year’s state contest.

The Market Plan competition, unlike most other Career Development Events in the FFA, does not have a region contest. Instead, schools submit information on their plans, and the state selects its Top 10 to present at the state convention.

Prior to the state contest, the group presented their plan to the FFA Advisory Board, to its coach and teacher, Deb Martin, and to its peers in a high school ag economics class.

Rogers, who has competed at state public speaking contests in the past, said each team presented its plan before a panel of judges at the state contest.

“This year, we made a diagram of the Beach Nook,” said LeBrun, adding that with all three of the team members in the same homeroom, they began reworking their plan at the beginning of the school year.

“Even though the plan and everything was done, we knew there were a lot of changes and additions we wanted to make to it,” said Rogers. “We really thought that this board would give a good picture for the judges. In theory, they are supposed to be the Beach Nook owners, and we are supposed to be presenting it to them.”

Based on the questions the judges asked, the team will now begin tweaking its plan once again as it prepares for the National FFA Convention, Oct. 28-31, in Louisville, Ky. They will also be remaking their display board.

“We’re ag kids, not art kids,” Rogers said with a laugh.

“It was a piece of work,” giggled LeBrun in response.

All three are excited to return to the National FFA Convention as participants. As sophomores, they attended the convention as part of a larger contingent from the WHS FFA Chapter.

They credited Deb Martin for “really pushing us this year” to move the plan from second place to first in the state.

FFA State Results

Agriculture Mechanics: Pipestone Area, fourth-place team: Josh Kooiman, gold, Brett Steuven, bronze, Broderick Everson, gold, Brett Baerenwald, gold. Jackson County Central, 10th-place team: Nico Feroni, bronze, Derek Pederson, gold, Wyatt Ignaszewski, silver, Peter Ignaszewski, silver.

Agribusiness Sales: Jackson County Central, third-place team: Maira Carlson, silver, Maggie Post, gold, Sydney Eddy, silver, Jessica Jandera (fifth individual), gold.

Best Informed Greenhand: Mountain Lake 1, ninth-place team: Jordan Boldt, bronze, Emmanuel Fentanez, gold, Maritza Lopez, gold, Aleesha Jepsen, gold, Jae Faber, gold. Mountain Lake 2, 12th-place team: Taylor Hudson, bronze, Kristina Vongkaenchanh, gold, Madison Schroeder, silver, Brodie Freeman, gold, Phonesaveng Xayachak, gold. Jackson County Central, 15th-place team: Ashley Keck, gold, Ali Eckert, bronze, Alyssa Post, silver, Isaac Johnson, silver, Jessica Christoffer, silver.

Creed Speaking: Jessica Christoffer, Jackson County Central, third. Brianna Hinkeldey, Southwest Star Concept, bronze.

Crops: Mountain Lake, second-place team: Austin Suderman (fourth individual), gold, Jared Suderman (10th individual), gold, Jordan Suderman (ninth individual), gold, Nathan Regier, gold. Jackson County Central, third-place team: Lane Hansen, gold, Ross VonOhlen, gold, Sarah Holmberg (seventh individual), gold, Hannah Holmberg (sixth individual), gold. Southwest Star Concept, fifth-place team: Megan Haberman, gold, Ashley Hendrickson (eighth individual), gold, Ashlyn Uithoven, gold, Matthew Poppe, gold. Fulda, 21st-place team: Suzanne Pagel, silver, Bennett Appel, bronze, Brett Cuperus, silver, Thomas Salentiny, silver. Worthington, 27th-place team: Joshua Majerus, silver, Nathan Schuck, bronze, Erik Landgaard, bronze, Katie Rogers, silver.

Dairy: Worthington, 14th-place team: Alex Kremer, silver, Trevor Wietzema, silver, Carrie Lovan, gold, Carson Hagen, gold. Westbrook-Walnut Grove, 39th-place team: Madeline Johnson, silver, Kaylan Glenn, bronze, A.J. Quade, silver, Brittany Erickson, bronze. Fulda, 49th place: Rylan Baumhoefner, bronze, Justin Dierks, silver, Johnathon Gehl, bronze, Leighton Gehl, bronze.

Farm Management: Windom, third-place team: Spencer Wolter, gold, Rylea Minion (eighth individual), gold, Amanda Muller (10th individual), gold, Eliza Ford, gold. Mountain Lake, fifth-place team: Jareya Harder, gold, Michael Watkins, gold, Dawn Geertsema, bronze, Levi Jahnke, gold. Pipestone Area, sixth-place team: Donavon Johnson, silver, Austin Schelhaas, gold, Jacob Haubrich, gold, Boyer Bouman, gold. Jackson County Central, 14th-place team: Brandon Schmit, gold, Michelle Buresch, silver, Marcus Hinkeldey, bronze, Jordon Ellefson, gold. Southwest Star Concept, 24th-place team: Sarah Madsen, bronze, Jordan Hall, silver, Kaleb Sydnes, silver.

Fish & Wildlife Management: Jackson County Central, first-place team: Jacey Edlin, gold, Bailey Boyer (eighth individual), gold, Ryder Lesch, gold, Bailey Lesch (fourth individual), gold. Red Rock Central, fifth-place team: Kegan Zimmerman, silver, Evan Blomgren, silver, Brakken Bierl, gold, Payton Vold (sixth individual), gold. Pipestone Area, 11th-place team: Trace Lueck, gold, Dustin Olsen, gold, Collin Moeller, silver, Brad Hillard, gold. Westbrook-Walnut Grove, 12th-place team: Bee Xiong, gold, Kao Xiong, gold, Kengi Hang, silver, Abe Her, gold. Mountain Lake, 25th-place team: Shadrick Hoek, silver, Weston Osland, silver, Alex Dunker, gold, Hunter Dahna, bronze.

Floriculture: Jackson County Central, first-place team: Bailee Fischer, gold, Megan Edlin, gold, Macy Kalfs (fourth individual), gold, Riley Schneekloth, gold. Westbrook-Walnut Grove, third-place team: Talitha Horkey (10th individual), gold, Sophie Horkey (fifth individual), gold, McKenzie Deprez, gold, Sami Hotzler, gold. Murray County Central, eighth-place team: Liz Prahm, gold, Vanessa Herrig, bronze, Emily Kathman, gold, Megan Busman, gold. Mountain Lake, 24th-place team: Madison Dahna, silver, Alexa Heffele, silver, Caitlin Oeltjenbruns, silver, Brook Sunderman, silver. Windom, 31st-place team: Haide Gutierrez, silver, Tony Tran, silver, Elizabeth Schonenberger, silver.

Forestry: Mountain Lake, first-place team: Daniel Harder (first individual), gold, Caleb Rempel (second individual), gold, Hamlety Tanyavong (third individual), gold, Eric Niss (seventh individual), gold. Jackson County Central, 11th-place team: Ryker Vanderwoude, silver, Abbie Lucht (ninth individual), gold, Chase Farrell, bronze, Isaac Johnson, silver. Worthington, 33rd-place team: Jasmine Williams, bronze, Allison Kremer, bronze, Andrew Nystrom, silver, Betsy Thompson, silver. Westbrook-Walnut Grove, 35th-place team: Tyler Keithahn, bronze, Matthew Kleven, silver, Jared Sanchez, bronze, Georgia Berg, bronze.

Horse: Pipestone Area, 14th-place team: Adi Altena, silver, Brandy Hubner, silver, Becca Berkenpas, bronze, Tessa Bucher, gold.

Job Interview: Julianna Pederson, Westbrook-Walnut Grove, second.

Livestock: Pipestone Area, first-place team: Brady Bobendrier (10th individual), gold, Jared Carlson, gold, Wesly Johnson, gold, Austin Moeller, gold. Jackson County Central, sixth-place team: Riley Johnson, gold, Zach Bargfrede, silver, Josh Ulbricht (sixth individual), gold, Bailey Schneekloth, gold. Worthington, 14th-place team: Nick Newman, silver, Cody Gravenhof, gold, Kendrick Bickett, gold, Alyssa Williams, bronze. Red Rock Central, 25th-place team: Libbey Warner, gold, Cole Jackson, gold, Luke Engen, silver. Southwest Star Concept, 36th-place team: Jon Hussong, gold, Brooklynn Elder, silver, Ashley Wagner, bronze, Kennedy Cummings, bronze. Fulda, 50th-place team: Christian Goedtke, bronze, Noah Salentiny, bronze, Justin Paulzine, bronze, Jocelyn Schreier, bronze.

Market Plan: Worthington, first-place team: Katie Rogers, Morgan LeBrun, Josh Majerus. Pipestone, sixth-place team.

Meats: Westbrook-Walnut Grove, first-place team: Tyler Schoborg, gold, Elizabeth Woelber, gold, Jacob Otto (fourth individual), gold, Mitchell Jarmer, (third individual), gold. Jackson County Central, second-place team: Jadi Koep, gold, Emily Pederson (ninth individual), gold, Justin Petersen (first individual), gold, Kayla O’Connor, gold. Worthington, fourth-place team: Joe Pavelko (10th individual), gold, Vince Riley (sixth individual), gold, Brandon Harberts, gold, Coral Owens, gold. Fulda, sixth-place team: Katelyn Renneke, gold, Christine Salentiny, gold, Taylor Schettler, gold, Kendall Clarke, gold. Mountain Lake, 11th-place team: Meredith Suess, bronze, Ashley Watkins, gold, Lopez Akin Tema, silver, Chanah Brandt, gold.

Milk Quality: Jackson County Central, fourth-place team: Ana Dunlavey, gold, Emmalie Benson, silver, Alexa Palmer (seventh individual), gold, Mady Vancura, gold. Pipestone Area, sixth-place team: Rylee Gorter, gold, Sarah Woelber, gold, Logan Winter, gold. Mountain Lake, 11th-place team: Katherine Hofmann, gold, Kenna Gardiner, silver, Chandra Pfeiffer, gold, Jaden Hoek, silver. Westbrook-Walnut Grove: 13th-place team: Mariah Soleta, gold, Lina Vue, silver, Linda Xiong, gold, Levi Yang, gold.

Nursery: Jackson County Central, third-place team: Ally Ringeisen (sixth individual), gold, Ashley Keck, gold, Spencer Gilmore, gold, Alyssa Post, silver. Mountain Lake, fifth-place team: Ryan McCue, gold, Sam Xayanourom, gold, Carly Paulson, gold, Ruben Fentanez, gold. Worthington, ninth-place team: Kelly Newman, silver, Kourtney Bauman, silver, Brianna Kempema, silver, Laura Schuck, gold. Southwest Star Concept, 13th-place team: Brooke Freking, silver, Hunter Timko, gold, Garrett Schumacher, gold, Wyatt Schumacher, silver. Pipestone Area, 15th-place team: DJ Scotting, bronze, Blake Wolters, gold, Bayley Colemer, gold, Josh Homann, silver. Westbrook-Walnut Grove, 23rd-place team: Matthew Burns, silver, Addison Beaty, bronze, Jordyn Berg, silver, Chris Ebeling, silver.

Poultry: Westbrook-Walnut Grove, second-place team: Tessa Busswitz, gold, Seng Xiong (third individual), gold, Kaylee Mischke (10th individual), gold, Zuag Paj Her (sixth individual), gold. Jackson County Central, fifth-place team: Michael Miller, silver, Grace Rossow, gold, Kilen Warmka, gold, Michaela Kellner, gold. Red Rock Central, eighth-place team: Taylor Piotter, gold, Ramsey Piotter, gold, Dylan Piotter, gold, Kyra Osland, silver. Pipestone Area, 15th-place team; Lucas Griebel, gold, Isaac Berg, bronze, Sam Bobendrier, silver, Tucker DeGroot, gold. Fulda, 25th-place team: Christian Bos, silver, Kennedy Deuschle, silver, William Gehl, silver, Kade Clarke, silver.

Prepared Public Speaking: Suzanne Pagel, Fulda, second place, gold. Rebekah Klassen, Mountain Lake, silver. Liz Prahm, Murray County Central, bronze.

Small Animal: Mountain Lake, second-place team: Kalley Rempel, silver, Liana Blomgreen (sixth individual), gold, Rebekah Klassen, gold, Bailey Leaman (ninth individual), gold. Westbrook-Walnut Grove, 11th-place team: Tarynn Dallenbach, gold, Megan DeSmith, gold, Morgan Dennistoun, silver, Mariah Olson, gold. Windom, 43rd-place team: Harmony Anderson, bronze, Desi Fox, bronze, Shelby Woizeschke, gold. Worthington, 49th-place team: Taylor Hastings, bronze, Bianca Perry, Bronze, Katelyn Linstrom, bronze, Lauren Martin, bronze.

Soils: Red Rock Central, second-place team: Andrew Hansen, gold, Joel Derickson (ninth individual), gold, Carter Engen, gold, Thomas Blomgren (10th individual), gold. Westbrook-Walnut Grove, 12th-place team: Gabby Grams, bronze, Stacy Hanson, gold, Cassidy Mischke, gold, Emma Woelber, gold. Worthington, 16th-place team: Doria Drost, bronze, Taylor McCarville, gold, Jon Huls, gold, Alex Scholtes, bronze. Hills-Beaver Creek, 34th-place team: Haley Leuthold, bronze, Logan Leuthold, bronze, Zach Scholten, bronze, Isaiah Vis, silver.