WORTHINGTON - Charges have been filed in the armed robbery that occurred at an ethnic grocery store at 1517 Oxford Street in Worthington Tuesday morning. 

Sixteen-year-old Simon Berihu Gebrehiwot of Worthington has been charged with first-degree aggravated robbery, second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon and possession of a pistol after being convicted for a crime of violence.

In Minnesota, if a juvenile of 16 years of age or older is charged with a crime that is a felony, the file becomes public record and the juvenile’s name can be released.

According to the juvenile petition filed Wednesday, a man came into the grocery store carrying a gun. The victim said the man was wearing all black and had something covering his face so only his eyes were visible.

The victim said the man told her to give him money or he would shoot her. He kept the gun pointed at her the whole time as he came around the counter and took money out of the cash register. Although the victim said she could only see his eyes, she knew who he was and identified him as Gebrehiwot.

Someone matching Gebrehiwot’s description was reportedly seen running north behind the houses on North Burlington Avenue. Officers were informed that Abeyeow Girga Demesse, a contact of Gebrehiwot, lived at a house on North Burlington.

As officers approached the home, Demesse was seen leaving, and the officers stopped him.

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He told officers that no one was in the house and that he hadn’t spoken to Gebrehiwot in two days, but gave permission for the officers to look around his house.

When searching the house, the officers found Gebrehiwot in the basement behind a bedsheet, trying to hide behind a hot water heater. After a brief struggle with police Gebrehiwot, was taken into custody. The police also found $69 and two gold-colored condoms in the basement.

After the arrest, an officer transported Gebrehiwot to Sanford Worthington Medical Center. A doctor and nurse asked Gebrehiwot questions about his injuries. He allegedly told them that the cops took him to the ground. He allegedly also told the medical personnel that he robbed a store, pointed a gun at someone in the store and then ran and hid. He also allegedly said he was so stupid and that it was all over $50.

Gebrehiwot has a previous formal judgment for a felony of second-degree assault, which is a crime of violence. This means the prosecuting attorney has designated on the petition that the case should be an extended jurisdiction juvenile prosecution.

Gebrehiwot remains in custody and will be transferred to a juvenile detention facility.