WORTHINGTON - After 32 years of service, Quality Auto Body is no longer.

Alan Oberloh, founder and owner of Quality Auto Body, recently sold his business to Marthaler Inc.

“I didn’t get out of the business because I didn’t want to be a business owner anymore; I still have a few other ideas up my sleeve,” Oberloh said. “... I’m going to be 61 this year, and my dad died when he was 61, and I just decided that I’m going to enjoy life.”

Oberloh, who served as Worthington’s mayor for 12 years, said his business gave him the freedom he needed to lead the city.

“Being a businessman in Worthington allowed me the ability to be involved in other things, including being on the Chamber board and school board and being mayor,” Oberloh said. “Without the support of my guys and the community, I would have never been able to do that.”

While reminiscing about the business, Oberloh said he credits his team for the high level of work that customers could expect from Quality Auto Body.

The Quality Auto Body employees are now working for Marthaler Inc., but are still using the name Quality Auto Body. Oberloh is certain that customers can expect the same quality of service they received at his shop.

“The guys I had are top of the line,” Oberloh said. “So as long as they maintain the crew that they’ve got, it should mean good things for Marthaler and its customers.”

Although Oberloh said he will miss interacting with all his loyal customers, he is looking forward to having some fun.

“Everybody says that when they retire, they are going to improve their golf game,” Oberloh said. “But I am a terrible golfer, never going to be any better. So I’m going to hop on my motorcycle, ride it and play with my old cars.”

Oberloh said he had a great career and is thankful for the community support through the years.

“I enjoyed going to work everyday I went,” Oberloh said. “I never regretted going to work. I love fixing cars.”