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Platinum Rewards gets an app

WORTHINGTON — Subscribers to the Daily Globe print and electronic editions who also frequent the newspaper’s website are likely already familiar with the Platinum Rewards program.

Platinum Rewards, which offers subscribers a variety of coupons to businesses across the region, was introduced in January 2014. While the program continues to attract traffic to, it’s now expanding further into the realm of mobile devices.

“We have introduced a Platinum Rewards application that can be found on your iPhone and Android devices under ‘My Platinum Rewards,’ explained Cara Petersen, the Daily Globe’s circulation manager. “It’s available to current subscribers, and non-subscribers can receive a one-week trial.”

Petersen is excited about the program’s new app, noting that it will afford subscribers the convenience of also accessing Platinum Rewards on their phones as opposed to simply on a traditional computer. The iPhone and Android app also allows subscribers the ability to find a far greater opportunity for savings.

“There are 40 different U.S. states currently participating in the Platinum Rewards program,” Petersen said. “With this app, if someone is traveling in one of the participating states, the app will set in sync with that current location and feature coupons coinciding with that location.”

App users will be able to adjust settings on the mobile app to establish the area they want synced. Any area business desiring to have a coupon appear on Platinum Rewards is invited to call Petersen at 376-9711.

“I’m really excited about this,” Petersen said. “It’s a great way for current subscribers to save more money, and we also expect to be able attract new subscribers with this.”

Readers are encouraged to check Friday’s Daily Globe for information on a Platinum Rewards prize giveaway.