WORTHINGTON - Adrian Jimenez Regalado, 22, of Garland, Texas, appeared in Nobles County District Court Monday afternoon for his first hearing for fifth-degree possession of heroin, a felony, and for allegedly providing officers with a false name, a misdemeanor.

According to court documents, an agent with the Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force (BRDTF) received information from the Garland Police Department that a murder suspect identified as Regalado might be in Minnesota.

The agent discovered that Regalado had been staying at a Worthington hotel and possibly using a false name. Agents approached a man appearing to be Regalado and asked for his name and identification. Regalado allegedly gave the name Juan Jimenez.

The report indicates he was asked three more times, with the consistent response being ”Juan Jimenez.” He eventually admitted to the agents his true name, and he was advised that Texas authorities wanted to speak with him.

After being transported to the law enforcement center, Regalado was brought to the jail for booking. While inventorying his personal items, officers discovered a baggie with a brown powder that appeared to be heroin. A certified narcotics detection K9 indicated the presence of a controlled substance in the baggie.

In court Monday, the assistant Nobles County attorney informed Judge Gordon Moore that Texas officials were requesting a $1,000,000 bail be set for Regalado due to the pending investigation there.

Regalado told the court he could give his word that he would return to future court dates, adding that he had to return to Texas to defend himself on the “self-defense murder” charges. Regalado claimed the alleged victim in the Texas case had attacked him with a machete and that he had been working with Texas detectives prior to his arrest in Worthington.

Regalado went on to say when officers detained him, he was in the process of leaving the state, where he had been working at a dairy farm, to return to Texas to face the murder charges. Regalado added that when asked about his identity by law enforcement, he’d shown officers a bus ticket for Juan Jimenez, a name he was using to travel under undetected.

Regalado said he “played by the police officer” and that he was thinking about “taking matters to file a lawsuit” against the BRDTF. He added that he did not know where the heroin charges were stemming from, as he does not use the drug.

Regalado told the court that the Nobles County matter was “making me waste my time here” when he wanted to return to Texas for that case.

Moore noted that Regalado was most definitely a flight risk, as he had little ties to the community and had resided in Garland for 18 years by his own statements in court. Moore set his bail at $50,000 with conditions and $100,000 without conditions, noting that even if the amount were posted, Regalado would not be released pending extradition back to Texas.

If convicted, the felony charge carries a maximum sentence of five years imprisonment, a $10,000 fine or both. The misdemeanor carries a maximum sentence of 90 days in jail, a $1,000 fine or both.

Regalado’s next hearing is scheduled for early September.