LUVERNE - After all the results were tabulated, four of the five area schools seeking voter approval for new operating referendums won at the ballot box.

Luverne School District 2184 voters passed a 10-year, $0 increase operating levy of $763 per pupil by a wide margin, with 498 votes in favor (84.26 percent) to 93 votes in opposition (15.74 percent).

The margin of success was quite similar in Mountain Lake, where voters approved a 10-year, $0 increase operating levy of $1,300 per pupil. When the votes were tallied, there were 350 (83.93 percent) in favor; and 67 (16.07 percent) opposed.

Mountain Lake voters also elected four school board members, with just four names on the ballot. Results showed Tom Fast with 326 votes; Chad Pedersen with 288 votes; Pam Hoek with 310 votes and Julie Brugman with 278 votes.

Additional school referendums reported in Wednesday’s Daily Globe were for the Round Lake-Brewster and Westbrook-Walnut Grove districts, both of which passed; and Pipestone Area, where a proposed $699 increase and $1,475 per pupil levy was denied by voters.