WORTHINGTON -- Registration is now open for the Children’s Theatre Camp scheduled for Aug. 22-27 in Worthington.

This year, kids from kindergarten to ninth grade are invited to participate in a week-long program during which they will work with the Dakota Players to put together “The Superhero Show.” The production aims to teach kids a lesson about being happy with who they are through capes and superpowers. The final production will be presented to their families and friends on Aug. 27 at Memorial Auditorium Performing Arts Center.

Tammy Makram, managing director at Memorial Auditorium, is excited to bring an event like this to town again. Makram thinks that art activities help kids express creativity.

“I think that art experiences probably are one of the most important things that we can give to our children,” Makram said. “It’s what helps them think out of the box and to truly experience life in a different way.”

Kids will be spending around four hours per day learning everything involved with putting a musical together. Each child who auditions will have a part in the play.

Anne Foley, enrichment programs coordinator for District 518, said the camp is an opportunity for youths to have fun and make new friendships.

“It is a great opportunity for kids to spend the week to put it all together and for making new friends and to do something different,” said Foley.

There are also openings for those kids who don’t want to be on stage. They will have the chance to apply for different positions such as stage manager, light operators and music operators, among others.  

The camp represents a time when kids not only learn how to put a show together, but also where they can learn about themselves.

“It’s a week-long experience of learning to be excited and happy with who you are and that’s something that is part of the program all week long,” Makram said.

The Friends of the Auditorium and District 518 Community Education have brought the Dakota Players to town for several years. Lucy O’Donnell, 9, is going to participate in the musical production for the third time this year, and said the directors are enjoyable to work with and that she always has a good time.

“It  was a fun experience and I would do it again for the rest of my life if I could,” she said.

To sign up for an audition, call Community Education at 376- 6105. The cost will for registration will increase after Aug. 22.

Children can apply for scholarships by contacting Community Education.