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'Classics' cars

Jim Potvin shows his 1968 Camaro to Larry Conness, a fellow Camaro owner, during Saturday's show 'n shine event at Spomer Classics in Worthington. Potvin said he brought his car from Washington State to get a rust-free body to start his restoration. The Camaro has its original metal engine and rear axle.(Tim Middagh / Daily Globe)1 / 5
Vintage automobiles are displayed Saturday at the Spomer Classics Show 'n Shine in Worthington. (Tim Middagh / Daily Globe)2 / 5
Donna (seated) and Roy Reimer explain the inner workings of their all-original 1969 Volkswagen Type 2 Westfalia Campmobile to an attendee of Saturday's Spomer Classics Car Show 'n Shine. (Tim Middagh / Daily Globe)3 / 5
Lots of folks came out for the Spomer Classics event. (Tim Middagh / Daily Globe)4 / 5
Family and friends visit and during the Spomer Classics car show. (Tim Middagh / Daily Globe)5 / 5