MANKATO - Five two-lane highways in south central Minnesota will have speed limit increases from 55 mph to 60 mph by Sept. 29. The sections of highway which will have increased speed limits are: Highway 30 from Westbrook to Highway 4; Highway 83; Highway 86; Highway 169 from Iowa to Mankato; and Highway 257 (Hanska)

The speed limit is effective when the new signs are posted. Existing stop conditions or urban environments are used for the transition in speeds so that motorists will see a posted sign.

The increases are based on a traffic and engineering investigation of each highway, which looks at past crash history, physical attributes of the highway such as shoulder widths and access points, and what speed drivers are currently driving. The increases are the result of a 2014 legislative mandate for MnDOT to study posted speed limits on all two-lane state highways and make recommendations for possible speed limit increases.

Minnesota has about 7,000 miles of two-lane roads that will be studied between 2014 and 2019.  A 2015 report on the evaluation of speed limits can be found at .