MINNEAPOLIS -- Longtime KARE-TV "Sunrise" anchor Kim Insley said Friday she is no longer with the television station, but she has big aspirations.

"I am beyond excited to say that I am already working on some projects that I hope will benefit this community," Insley said in a video posted on Facebook. "I’ve had a career of shining the light on good things and bad things and now I want to be a problem solver, to work on things that I’m passionate about -- things like education and science and civic engagement and I want to work to keep the ball moving forward in a positive way."

Insley said she would keep people updated on her professional Facebook page.

KARE announced Friday that the station and Insley were "parting ways." She was the morning anchor for more than 24 years and won the 2009 Upper Midwest Chapter Regional Emmy award for best on-camera talent, news anchor.

In May, Tim McNiff returned to KARE to co-anchor the morning newscast with Insley. When McNiff left in 2014, the two were the longest-running anchor team in the Twin Cities, according to the station.

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