WORTHINGTON - The Worthington City Council showed off preliminary plans Tuesday for a new plaza and pavilion at the Farmer’s Market parking lot at the corner of 10th Street and Second Avenue, as well as a new beach house at Centennial Park.

Concept art from Stockwell Engineering shows a plaza area with decorative lampposts, trees and flowers. Adjacent to the plaza is an open-air pavilion, which would provide more space for the weekly farmers market and annual events that typically use a tent - such as the King Turkey Day beer garden.

The pavilion includes four restrooms, two of which are heated. A parking lot would be adjacent to the pavilion. Behind the plaza, landscaping would block view of the railroad.

The proposed beach house would be larger than the current Beach Nook. It would feature restrooms, a concession stand, outdoor showers and more space for storage - for example, it could hold kayaks for rent.

Outside, beachgoers would get better seating with shaded picnic tables. The bike path would be restructured to move bikers and runners farther from the parking lot and the concession stand.

The new building would be constructed west of the Beach Nook, which could then remain open while its successor is built.

Stockwell estimated the 10th Street plaza would cost $1.75 million, while the Centennial Park beach house project is estimated at $830,220.

City Administrator Steve Robinson said the cost estimates are still in flux, and he will meet with Stockwell next week to get a breakout of costs. Robinson said he expected the prices to come down as the preliminary plans are modified.

The projects, brought forward by the Community Growth Committee, have not yet been approved. The council recently appropriated $2.5 million to the committee to create new amenities.