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Pellowski responds to city

Editor’s note: The following letter was delivered to the city of Worthington on Dec. 20 and addressed to City Administrator Steve Robinson.

Dear Steve:

I am responding to the City of Worthington changes to the purchase agreement I submitted on November 28, 2017. The purchase agreement had several items that needed to be agreed to.

The city has countered that they will only give an abstract and will not close with a title company unless we as the buyers pay closing costs. That is not normal. The purchase agreement sent has been used on numerous purchases and sales over the years. No buyer will close without going through a title company. Jason Brisson was quoted as saying in a 12/11/17 email that “We don’t believe the city should have any closing costs.” I have good reason to believe that the city has paid professional fees to other buyers.

The second point is with regards to the money the buyer is putting into escrow. The seller is asking that the buyer cover these costs, which is something that is normally covered by the seller. I have never seen this before. We have tried for over a year to get this agreement done and there always seems to be a roadblock.

The third point is my request for the city to guarantee that there won’t be another theater allowed in Worthington. The comeback from the city is that they won’t give any incentives or business subsidies to another theater operator or developer until the theater is complete. Do you believe that’s fair when in November the Mayor said he could talk to anyone at any time? This was said at the council meeting in November when I stated that the mayor had gone to Sioux Falls and met with Tom Walsh about doing a movie theater in Worthington at another location.

In closing, we have been trying to get a movie theater into Worthington but are continuously met with roadblocks due to the actions of the Mayor and the unwillingness of the city to agree to the three items listed above.


Brian Pellowski