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Gypsy moth traps to be set

ST. PAUL — The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) will set approximately 20,300 traps this year looking for gypsy moth. The traps will be set throughout the eastern half of the state as well as spots in south central and southwest Minnesota.

This work is part of the MDA’s annual detection trapping survey program and is designed to protect Minnesota’s forests and urban areas from new infestations of gypsy moth by detecting potential problem areas.

Traps will all be set by the end of July. Citizens are asked not to disturb the traps and to call MDA’s Arrest the Pest line at 888-545-MOTH (6684) or email if they would like traps moved or removed from their property.

The goal of the MDA’s trapping program is not to catch all moths that may exist, but to identify areas that may need localized treatments to control the moths.

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