STILLWATER, Minn. -- Although some have watched the rising waters of the St. Croix River with growing concern in recent days, it’s looking as if Stillwater will be safe from flooding in the near future.

With a dam breaking upriver and torrential rain, the swollen St. Croix has steadily encroached on Stillwater’s flood stage for several days. But National Weather Service forecasters believe that it will peak soon.

The Weather Service expected the river to reach 85.2 feet on Friday; flood stage at Stillwater is 87 feet. Anything about 80 feet is considered an “action stage,” when NWS officials begin regularly publishing daily forecasts on river levels.

By Monday, the river is expected to dip back to 84 feet - though that level will slightly rise again by the end of the week, according to current forecasts.

Several businesses north of Stillwater closed because of flooding.

Taylors Falls Canoe & Kayak Rental, in Taylors Falls, about 30 miles north of Stillwater, also closed Wednesday because of high water levels, according to co-owner Amy Frischmon, with water flooding the road and parking lot of their main landing.