WORTHINGTON - A Minnesota author is set to make a Sept. 10 appearance in Worthington.

Longtime Renville resident Patricia Buschette will not only bring her first novel “Locked Up in Frost,” she’ll also share the cover-to-cover process she navigated to write the novel that follows residents of a fictitious southeast Minnesota farming community.

Hosted by District 518 Community Education from 6 to 7 p.m. in the Worthington High School Media Center, Enrichment Program Coordinator Anne Foley said Community Ed is enthused to offer Buschette’s free author visit, which she said may inspire others to begin their own writing processes.

In fact, Buschette’s writing process was not necessarily “by the book,” as she admittedly had many false starts before the storyline began falling into place.

“I’m not even certain the genesis of the story, but I just got a kind of sense of what I wanted to write and I started writing,” she said. “What really happened is the characters played out their lives in my presence, and I wrote down what they said and did. These people are very real to me.”

The book’s plot features characters who are particularly defined by how they respond to conflict.

“A new idea is presented to (the community) by the hero of the story and the community separates in how they feel about it,” Buschette said. “There are those that are opposed, those in favor and those who can’t be bothered. As the story makes its way to the conclusion, it’s the interplay of how conflict is handled and some of the interpersonal relationships among the characters.”

Buschette hopes community members with an interest in either her novel or entertaining the idea of beginning their own novel will attend Monday’s free session.

“I quite frankly think many people have this in the back of their mind - that they would like to write something,” she said. “It’s a general human response.”

For more information about Buschette and her novel, visit lockedupinfrost.com or the “Locked Up In Frost” Facebook page.