Nobles Cooperative Electric 10:30 a.m. Update: Nobles Cooperative Electric has 4,144 members without power this morning. At this time, there is no need to call in your outage. Once the transmission lines are restored, we may ask you to call again. Remember safety is our top priority for everyone!

At this point, Nobles Cooperative Electric is asking members to take additional precautions. They may be without power for a few days. We are doing what we can, but until the transmission lines (big lines) are energized our hands are tied. If you have reports of downed

power lines or damage, please call 800-776-0517.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.


Federated Rural Electric 10 a.m. update: The outages for Federated Rural Electric in Jackson and Martin Counties are widespread.

Great River Energy, provides wholesale power and owns the transmission lines that serve most of Federated’s substations. In Federated’s service area, about 40 69 KV transmission lines poles are broken. GRE has crews on standby to come and work in this area as soon as the weather allows travel, but visibility and travel are severly limited from where they are presently stationed.

In addition, GRE has poles down in neighboring utilities’ service area as well. Federated hopes that a majority of outages will decrease once these transmission line poles are fixed. Federated also has hundreds of broken distribution line poles due to the ice and wind.

“These outages will likely increase over the next two days as the wind whips the ice laden lines,” said Federated’s Operations Manager Joe Marthaler. “Be prepared for extended outages.”

Federated has called for outside assistance. 16 linemen will be arriving today from the Iowa electric cooperatives. In addition, eight linemen are coming from powerline contractor Karian Peterson. Federated’s line crews are also working the outages.

Presently, the substations without power are: Enterprise, West Lakefield, Minneota and Round Lake.

“This ice storm is worse than the April 2013 ice storm as we have outages in both counties and more members without power. For comparison we now have about 2,000 out now, and at the worst it was 1,400 in 2013. On a worst case scenario, these outages could last days.

Federated reminds the public to avoid downed power lines and poles. You do not know if the electricity is still on or off. We don’t want anyone risking an injury.

Watch for updates on Federated’s Facebook page. Phones are busy due to the extent of the outages.


Sioux Valley Energy 9:40 a.m. update: Sioux Valley Energy has approximately 9,500 members out of power throughout the service territory.  You can monitor outages here.


We have brought in 20 contract lineworkers to assist our crews today.  At this time, we have found approximately 150 poles down, many in southwest Minnesota. 


We are updating Facebook on a regular basis.