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3:55 p.m. Saturday: Power restoration update


Today Great River Energy (GRE) finished the rebuilding of eight 69 KV transmission line structures to the West Lakefield substation at the intersection of Interstate 90 and County Road 9 south of Okabena. Restoring power to this one substation allowed Federated to backfeed or reroute power to the other two substations: Round Lake, to the southwest, and Minneota, to the southeast. This restored power to 400 and reduced the outages to 652. However, GRE still needs to rebuild the transmission lines to Round Lake and

Minneota substations.

Now that the transmission lines bring power to this substation, Federated’s priorities will be restoring power to the three-phase lines (in the shape of a “T” with a cross arm) because that restores power to the most members. Then the next major step is restoring power to the single phase lines that are pole in the shape of “l”.

Finally, the last phase is restoring power to individual farms and homes.

“This was a big step in restoring power to hundreds in Jackson County, including the city of Round Lake” stated Scott Reimer, Federated’s general manager. “Crews will now split up and work to restore power on the different lines that are still off.”

Watch for more updates Saturday on Federated’s Facebook page and website


Sioux Valley Energy has brought in additional line crews from several SD electric co-ops and contractors.  By tomorrow morning there will be 110 utility personnel working to restore outages to more than 4,600 members are still without power. Sioux Valley Energy has 6,000 square miles of service territory and of that area, more than 2,500 square miles sustained significant damage during the recent ice/snow storm including 480 broken poles.

Additional help is being provided by: (Co-ops): FEM Electric, Lake Region, Codington Clark Electric, HD Electric, Charles Mix Electric, Kingsbury Electric, Douglas Electric, Dakota Electric, West Central Electric, Northern Electric and Oahe Electric. (Contractors): Karian Peterson Powerline Line, Legacy Power Line, Terminating Solutions and Lake States Construction.

Please follow Sioux Valley Energy’s Facebook Page for outage updates:

An outage map can be found here:


Crews continue to make progress in restoring members in Nobles and Murray Counties. Forty-one linemen continue to help Nobles Cooperative Electric with their efforts. This morning there were approximately 3,600 members without power. Friday, portions of the Worthington Substation were restored. As we’ve gotten a better feel for the extent of damages, we have some ESTIMATED times of restoral to share.

Adrian Substation area – 4/13/19

Chandler Substation area– Portions 4/13/19

Currie Substation area – 4/16/19

Ellsborough Substation area – Majority have power

Fulda Substation area – 4/13/19

Lake Wilson Substation area – 4/15/19

Lismore Substation area – 4/16/19

Slayton Substation area – Majority have power

Worthington Substation area – 4/13/19

Rushmore Substation area – 4/17/19

Lake Sarah Substation area – 4/16/19

Bloom Substation area – 4/15/19

Brewster Substation area – Majority have power

Dovray rural area– Majority have power

Fulda City – 4/13/19

Wilmont Substation area and City of Reading– 4/14/19

Wilmont City – 4/17/19

Lismore City – Majority have power

Ellsworth City– Majority have power

Members can access our Facebook page to stay current on restoration efforts and the latest updates available.


By the end of Friday, crews working for Federated Rural Electric in Jackson cut the outages in half. As of Saturday morning outages were down to 1,062 from 2,700 at the peak of the storm. 68 linemen restored power on by the end of Friday to:

The south circuit of the Wilder substation restoring members on the north side of Lakefield.

Federated crews’ work allowed the Enterprise substation to be backfed and picked up members from north of Jackson.

The Karian Peterson contractor working south of Okabena energized the main three-phase line.

Today crews will be working in the following areas:

Iowa crews will work southwest of Jackson

Contractors will work by Wilder

Federated crews are working north of Jackson at the Wilder substation.

Great River Energy crews are working on building the transmission line to get one of the three remaining substations energized so power can be backfed to pick up many more members.

“We expect good weather today,” said Federated General Manager Scott Reimer. “That will help. We restored power to 900 yesterday and hope for similar results today. However, we still have hundreds of poles on the ground.”

Watch for more updates Saturday on Federated’s Facebook page and website